Engaging Photography


The In Vivo Photography Workshops provide effective learning in photography, together with the joy of developing your own creativity. Following your own feelings, you practice abstraction to observe other “worlds” around you. These “worlds” belong to a whole, unique and living world of which we are part. It can be a park, a forest, a palace, a museum, or even a factory, or a ship, where we meet to photograph during all day, forgetting everything else “outside”.



For a better living, being aware of such simple and yet important “worlds” is a sustainable path, even without any camera in your hands. But through Photography and with a camera in your hands, while acquiring and improving photography techniques, you will exercise a better, a more lateral and a deeper vision. In the In Vivo Workshops, immersing in such “worlds” is the beacon for project-oriented learning in photography. Photography is both an objective and a tool, at the same time.

You can see and photograph in thousands of ways. Your photography may be more creative, joyful and rewarding. “Photography” IS “going beyond the camera”.

Engage, view laterally and create – in you and outside of you!

in vivo latin for “within the living” within a whole, living organism opposed to within a partial or dead organism opposed to an in vitro (within the glass) controlled environment.

Following Confirmed In Vivos (2015): 

Bussaco/Luso, Portugal – Bussaco National Forest

logotipo da fundação mata bussaco

17/October 2015 | the root
(with accommodation offer in the forest, for the both workshops)
18/October 2015 | the crown

Lisbon/Portugal – National Museum of Natural History and of SciencePrint

25/October 2015 | the root (9h30-18h)
1/November 2015 | the crown (9h30-18h)