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Preparing for the next In Vivos, getting ready: Bussaco and Lisbon

I’m preparing the next In Vivo Photography Workshops, at the Bussaco National Forest (Mealhada/Luso) and National Museum of Natural History and Science (Lisbon). In the coming weekends, for the first colours of Autumn! 🙂

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The Making Of photos of the last In Vivo Workshop in Lisbon

And finally, it’s time to publish the photographs of the Making Of, from the last Photography Workshop in Lisbon, in the beautiful National Museum of Natural History and Science/Botanical Gardens. I smile when I see them, reminding me of everything. 🙂

What happened to the cameras, during the In Vivo | the trunk in Lisbon?!

A mystery, for some. What we do in the In Vivos is unthinkable. The Making Of photos, of another crazyingly creative In Vivo (in Lisbon, at the great National Museum of Natural History and of Science) will be posted soon, very soon.

Today is the deadline for registrations to the next In Vivo | the trunk, Leiria June 6th – still places left

There is still time for registration at another good ‘In Vivo | the trunk’, in the beautiful Leiria Castle and m|i|mo (Museum of the Moving Image). In Leiria, of course! 🙂

Poster_Leiria_2_ 2015

The Making Of photos of the In Vivo | the root, Lisbon

The best photos form the participants, at the In Vivo | the root Workshop, in Lisbon

This was back in April, in the magnificent Museum of Natural History and Science, in Lisbon.
Very good. The best for me was the detail of having participants who had interesting memories of the place: “I had never sat in this room, so far in front” or “In the Garden, where we dated. 🙂
This was the 1st of the In Vivos in the Museum, starting in 2015.

The following In Vivo “the trunk” Photography Workshop – Leiria/Portugal, 6/June

Another In Vivo Photography Workshop on the way, this time “the trunk”. It will be in the city of Leiria/Portugal, at the Museum of Image in Movement (m|i|mo) and in the Castle of Leiria. It is always great, with the joining of these to marvellous places.




It’s again the turn of Bussaco National Forest – for the 16th e 17th/May

The following In Vivo Photo Workshops (the root and the trunk) are close already, at the Bussaco National Forest.
For the Spring light!

Um quarto com uma vista | A room with a view

Um quarto com uma vista | A room with a view

At the National Museum of Natural History, in Lisbon, we go from “the root” to “the trunk” (next 18/Apr)

After the “In Vivo | the root” on the 11th/April, we have the “In Vivo | the trunk” on the 18th/April. In the magnificent National Museum of Natural History and of Science, in Lisbon. As always very, very good – creativity, stretching the cameras and the mind, and a lot of joy! Around good Photography.
Still places left.


“Creativity with no limits”

The In Vivos arrive in Lisbon! And, as always, in a beautiful place.

There are two In Vivo Photo Workshops coming very soon, in Lisbon – at the National Museum of Natural History and of Science & Botanical Gardens, “the root” on the 11th/April and “the trunk” on the 18th/April. Just great!